lunes, 15 de febrero de 2010

9º Adorno / 9th Ornament

No os lo había puesto todavía, pero en Navidades recibí el 9º adorno del 4º Swap de adornos navideños de FreshlyBlended. Es una alegre y navideña corona de cuentas que me envió Special Teacher.
I hadn't published it yet, but on Christmas I received the 9th ornament for the 4th Holiday Ornament Swap organized by FreshlyBlended. It's a lively, bright and Chrismas wreath made of beads that sent me Special Teacher.

En realidad es un adorno muy especial que realizaron los alumnos de la clase de educación especial de la Sra. Sandford. Tal como explican en su carta, gracias a esta actividad aprendieron sobre patrones, a colocar contando 2 cuentas rojas y 4 cuentas verdes, a escribir la dirección en el sobre y a situar en el mapamundi los diferentes sitios donde enviaron sus adornos.
In fact, it's a very special ornament which was made by the Special Education Class of Mrs. Sandford. They sent me the following note with it:

"We wanted to include a note with our ornament that we made in class. We have been learning about patterns. We made this ornament by counting 2 red beads and then we counted 4 green beads. It took us longer than it would for you because we have some physical disabilities. Our teacher and aides helped us by placing their hand over our hand as we put the beads onto the pipe cleaner. We sure had fun making this ornament for you. Now we are learning how to put an address on the envelope. We are finding all the places on the world map to see where they will end up. We can't wait to see what ornaments will be sent to us. We hope you have a very special holiday season.
Mrs. Sandford's
(Special Education Class)

La verdad es que fue muy emocionante leer su carta y descubrir que esta actividad podía ser tan didáctica. ¡Muchísimas gracias!! Me encantó el adorno!!!

It was really very moving to read their letter and discover that this activity could be so didactic. Thank you very much!! I loved the ornament!!!

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A Time for Stitching dijo...

What a special ornament. And what an achievement the class must feel when they are helped to do something like this. I'm sure you will treasure it!
Teresa x

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